FAQs and Tutorials

Q. How do I access my digital files on Etsy?

A. Once you have purchased your chosen images, they will be available to download in your account on Etsy. Your account is accessed in the top right hand corner of the Etsy site by clicking on your personal account icon. Navigate to ‘Purchases and Reviews’ and the files should be there. You should also receive an email with a link to your downloads to your email address linked to your Etsy account. If for any reason, you can’t find them, make sure you don’t have two Etsy accounts and that you’re looking at the right one. Your files will be available to download once your payment has been confirmed by Etsy. If there is a slight delay, it sometimes takes a few hours, but usually it is instant.
If you are having any problems, the following link will take you to an Etsy article which describes how to download your purchases – https://www.etsy.com/help/article/3949

Q. I have downloaded them onto my computer but where have they gone?

A. They will have gone into your downloads folder if you didn’t choose where to put them. Navigate to the Downloads Folder, usually next to My Documents, and right click with your mouse and cut or copy the files and paste them (right hand click again) into your own choice of folder – say ‘LOTV images’. Then you will always know where to find them when you need them.

Q. How do I use my Digi Stamps?

A. When you download and open the Digi stamps on your computer, you will see they come in as a large picture – the size of A4. This is to make sure that whatever size you want your image (up to A4 at least) , it is always very clear and very good quality. To make your image smaller for a specific card or project, you then need to reduce it in size like you would a photograph.

Q. How do I make the Digi stamps the right size?

A. You can use several programs to re-size your image. If you don’t have a graphics program or a word processing program like Microsoft Word, Janine Quinn, a LOTV Design Team Member has created a brilliant set of tutorials for you, where you can download free software called WPS and quickly learn how to re-size the images, flip them (change the direction they’re facing) and even learn how to merge two stamps together to make a scene.

Please click on the following printed tutorials to learn how to download the software and use it in the above ways. You can print these off and follow them step by step.

WPS OFFICE – Tutorial 1 – How to install WPS software

WPS OFFICE – Tutorial 2 – How To Use WPS Software

WPS OFFICE – Tutorial 3 – How To Use WPS Software

WPS OFFICE – Tutorial 4 – How To Use WPS Software

If you do have Microsoft Word, here is quick printed guide on how to re-size the images in Microsoft Word

LOTV How to re-size and rotate in Microsoft Word

Q. What if I can’t use a computer at all?!

A. It would be good if you could master the basics as it’s so much more handy and it’s easy when you know how – but if you don’t have this option and you still want the digi stamps, when you go to print the image, choose 4 to a page on your print option and you’ll get 4 stamps about the right size on the page.

Q. Do you have a list of all your products you sell on Etsy so I can tick off what I own?

A. We have created a list of all our products on LotvDigiShop which you can download. You can either download an Excel Spreadsheet LOTV Product Listings 2020 that you can alter and add it – or a readable PDF LOTV Product Listings 2020 which you can just print off and use as a reference guide. Please note it’s not perfect as half of the stamps are called Lili of the Valley Digi Stamp and some are called LOTV Digi Stamp so they come in two sections, and the artists initials are also included if necessary but not in all cases – so even though it’s in alphabetical order – you may want to delete elements to make it workable for you. If that’s the case get the spreadsheet version. We will update this document each month.

Q. What is your Angel Policy?

A. We have different angel policies for different designs, depending on the agreement we have with our artists, so it’s best to read on the Etsy Shops about what is possible. Some of the images can only be used for personal use, or for raising funds for charities and schools, or selling for personal profit on a small scale locally at craft fairs and at work. Others can be used for commercial use, to make cards, crafts and home decor items to sell locally and online, with the purchase of a commercial license. On our Art Shop all images can be used with a commercial license for your own creatives businesses. If you’re not sure, you can always email us to check. If you have already purchased many digi stamps or simply prints, you can buy licenses separately for those images you already have – as long as the images say they can be used commercially on either our digi shop or art shop.

Q. Do you still sell discontinued LOTV products?

A. Any remaining physical products are on LotvOutletStore on Etsy. We also sell the clear stamp storage pouches too.

Q. Where can I find card design inspiration?

A. Pinterest has thousands of cards, all divided into different themes to give you plenty of ideas.

Our Instagram Page also has a lot of cards to help stir your mojo!

Our Facebook page has many cards promoting the latest launches and our design team run a Facebook fan page called ‘We Love Lotv’ which you are welcome to join.

Finally if you are not signed up to social media, don’t worry we will have some cards on here too!