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Lili of the Valley Postage Charges

Postage Charges

Please note our shipping charges have been changed. Rather than a set price no matter what you order, there are now more options and different charges by weight. We want to make sure that you can order more if you want to, but also that we don't charge too little or too much for each order as a result. When you add products to the cart, and add your shipping address it will show you how much your order is. If your order is over 2 Kgs, we will contact you about any additional postage.

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Lili of the Valley Angel Policy

Lili of the Valley products are created and intended for individual people to use to make their own unique artwork and creations. We want you to use our images to create your own unique works of art and we are happy for you to sell any individual products you make either for your own personal profit or for charity.

However, they are not commercial use images. They are made and sold as personal use designs for individuals. Any products that you do hand-make individually may be sold either locally or online. The design should be credited to Lili of the Valley.

It is strictly prohibited to sell any LOTV designs that have been simply transferred onto cards, mugs, fabric, t-shirts, pictures and any other such items and sell them in any form. It is also prohibited to sell toppers or black and white or coloured hand-stamped images of Lili of the Valley stamps or sentiments.

You are also not permitted to reproduce, copy, sell or distribute Lili of the Valley designs and products, either the physical product itself or in electronic form - this includes social networking sites and photo sharing sites.

Failiure to adhere to this policy is an infringement of copyright and our angel policy and action will be taken. If you are unsure whether your crafting product is allowed under our angel policy, please get in touch to check and we will be happy to help.

Please note this angel policy also covers any other products belonging to other companies that you buy from us including Simply Sweet Stamps and Little Things to Share Felt Pattern Downloads. Mass production or resale of the Little Things to Share instructions and patterns is strictly prohibited. Partial or total reproduction of the document or sharing of photos of the pattern is also prohibited
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Digi Stamp Questions

We are currently not able to sell digital products due to new complex EU VAT Laws. But we have left answers to questions here, in case you have some you have bought and not yet used.

What is a Digi Stamp?

A Digi Stamp is the black and white artwork for the stamp in digital form so you can print it out without having to ink a stamped image. It also means you can make them bigger and smaller and print them on all sorts of paper and fabric paper.

What file type are they?

The files are all jpgs which basically means you just treat any digi stamp like you would a photo


How do I get an image from you?

You buy them here on our website just like you do the rubber stamps but instead of getting a rubber stamp through the post, you get an email which contains links to download the images as files onto your computer.

To make sure you get the links, once you have completed the payment page, please be sure to click 'Return to Lili of the Valley' highlighted in blue. This then brings up a receipt on your screen with the links there, and also generates an order confirmation email with these in too. if you miss this, you need to email us and let us know so we can re-send the links to you.

How do I save it?

The links will either open straight away and you can save as you would any other file or they will be saved in the downloads folder on your computer so you need to find that. You will then see the files. Just right click on the image and choose 'save' and you can save it anywhere you like. Alternatively you can click copy' then go to a folder on your pc where you would like to save them, right click again and choose 'paste' - you will then have them saved on your pc and you will be able to work with the images in exactly the same way that you can work with your photos.

Why can't I open them?

The most likely reason is that you have a zipped file. This is when we have put more than one file in a folder - such as sentiments or several small images. This will have the file ending '.zip'. When you see this, once you have saved the folder, you need to 'unzip' it to extract the single files. You do this by right clicking on the folder and choosing 'Extract All'. It will then ask you where you want to save them. So either choose the place it suggests, or browse to choose somewhere else. Then click extract (or save) and all the single images and sentiments contained within that folder will be available to see and use.

Once you have saved them and unzipped them if necessary, you shouldnt have any more problems with opening them. As long as you can double click and print them out, or open them in a jpg (photo) friendly package you should be fine.

How do I make them smaller?

You can either import/insert them into a program such as word, etc where you can resize them or you can double click on them and they will open in windows photo viewer and you can print them out from there - you alter the size by choosing to print more or less on a page. You will see this in the print preview. If you experiment a bit you will find what works best for you.

If you want to open them in any card making programs you have - just save them in the same place on your pc as all the images in your card making program are saved (or just go to the folder where you have saved them) and open them in there.

How long do I have to download them? What if I miss my download links?
You have 5 days to download the links before they expire. If you haven't managed to download them in time or you didn't click to return to Lili of the Valley site, please email and we will re-send them to you.
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What are the Best Paper Choices and Colouring Mediums for Digi Stamps?

We are currently not able to sell digital products due to new complex EU VAT Laws. But we have left answers to questions here, in case you have some you have bought and not yet used.

When you're printing out your Digi images, you can print out on any paper you like but basically, the thicker and smoother, the better quality the image will be.

If you want to colour your images in with alcohol/marker pens, the best paper to use is smooth uncoated 'normal' printer paper - but 100g/120g will be slightly thicker and give you a better finish than the cheapest copy paper (which will still work but will be a bit flimsy).

Depending upon whether or not your printer can take the thickness you can also use any super smooth stamping card for normal stamping. We personally use this card and get a wonderful result.

If you want to colour your images in with marker pens, don't use photo paper
- either glossy or matt - the glossy won't give you a smooth colour and the matt will absorb so much of your pens' ink you'll waste it.

If you want to watercolour your images it takes trial and error to find a way to do it without the ink bleeding. Printer ink is water based so will smudge the minute you get it wet - it works wonderfully well with alcohol/marker pens but will run if you paint over it. You can try setting the ink with a hairdryer or using matt photo paper (which does cut down on some bleed) but we've never found a truly successful way to do it.

The best ways to colour you Digi stamps are with marker pens or with coloured pencils (but not the watercolour versions). You can blend your markers with the blender pen and your wax pencils with a spirit blender (such as Sansodor) - anything that doesn't use water will be fine with this kind of ink.
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Simply Print Image Sheet Questions

We are currently not able to sell digital products due to new complex EU VAT Laws. But we have left answers to questions here, in case you have some you have bought and not yet used.

What is a Simply Print Image Sheet?

Our Simply Print Sheets are a 3 page document with different sizes of the same coloured design. They are ready to print straight away. You can't re-size them or manipulate them. They are literally made so you can choose which size image you would like, and print that page - so it's super easy!

How do you buy and use them?

1. To buy a Simply Print Image Sheet, you just choose which designs you would like and click 'buy now'. Once you have paid, select 'Return to Lili of the Valley' on the completed payment page and you will receive a receipt on the screen with links to your chosen designs. Click on the link for each product one at a time and save them to your computer. (You will also receive an email with the links).

2. If you haven't chosen where to save the file, it will be in your downloads folder so find that and move the file to where you want to keep it.

3. Then, because it's a PDF document, you just open it and print it. There are 3 pages with different sizes of the image on each page, so you can choose to print just one page or all three. You can then print them any time you like. They are yours forever!

What's so good about them?

* Price - The Simply Print Image Sheets are only £1.99 each. There is no shipping cost.

* Convenience - No more searching around your craft room for those stamps or toppers you can't find or the dog's eaten!

* No Waiting - If someone wants you to make them a particular card for a special occasion you can get one right away.

* No waiting for the postman!

* Storage - they take up no room in your house!

* Choice - Because it keeps costs and storage down for us too, it means we can make all our still popular older designs available to you as well, so we now have 200 every day designs and a growing range of Christmas ones too in the Simply Print range.

What else do I need to know?

* You don't need an expensive printer. A £35 Inkjet Printer that most people have at home will work fine.

* You can print on any paper or card that your printer will take. We use white super smooth paper between 120 and 160gm

* There are 3 pages with different sizes (A5, A6 and A7) so you don't need to re-size them or know anything about computers.

* You need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. This is a well known free software that someone can download for you if you are not computer savvy!
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Can I Pin Your Images to My Pinterest Boards?

You are more than welcome to pin cards and projects from our website or blog onto Pinterest as long as they include our copyright watermark or the watermark from our DT members.
You can also pin our stamp images from the website for reference but ONLY IF THEY INCLUDE OUR 'COPYRIGHT PROTECTED' WATERMARK, you are not permitted to pin black and white images without the watermark or share them as digi stamps, you will be asked to remove them if you do.

We are already monitoring the situation in order to protect our artists and the integrity of our products, if any of our customers already on Pinterest (or indeed anywhere else) notice that our stamped images are being copied or shared we would be very grateful if you bring it to our attention. Any information that we get will of course be treated confidentially.
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How Much are LOTV Products in US Dollars and Other Currencies?

We have a currency converter on the site so you can see how much each product is before purchase. It's at the top of every page and all you need to do is click one of the flags, or if you can't see yours, click 'Other' and select your currency. All the prices will the appear in your currency, next to the British price.

***Please be aware that as exchange rates fluctuate, the prices in other currencies may not be exactly the same from one day or even one hour to the next. Exchange rates through PayPal may also be slightly different to those displayed on our website***
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Can I Pay By PayPal?

Yes. Simply choose Paypal in the Payment Method box, when completing your order on our online shop.

If you are paying by PayPal but your invoice and delivery details will be different to each other then please DO NOT select the 'Checkout with PayPal' button as PayPal will automatically input your account address into your order details. Select 'Checkout Now' to enter your details manually.
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Can I Pay By Credit or Debit Card?

Yes. We use Paypal for our credit and debit cards but don't worry you don't need a Paypal account for this service. It is the same process as before during checkout, you will just need to click the 'Secure Credit and Debit Card Payments' option to pay. Please click back to the Lili of the Valley website when you have finished to ensure you receive your order confirmation.
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What Stamp Card Do You Use?

The type of stamp card that our Design Team uses depends on the medium they are colouring with but many of our images are stamped onto Super Smooth card available from Craftwork Cards here.
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Where can I find your Etsy store with discontinued products in?

If you're looking for discontinued Lili of the Valley Products, such as A4 Die-Cut Sheets, Mini Masterpieces, other image toppers and stamps, check out our Lili of the Valley Outlet Store on Etsy

Run by Lucy, this store is the official LOTV place where you can get hold of any old or discontinued products.
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Any Other Questions?

If your question has not been answered here, do email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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